I dwell in a world of light & express myself through color. I take lots of photos & I love to travel and eat food, workout, run, and snuggle with my kitties. I like to inspire and help others, and to always find ways to improve my colors and photography. I see no ongoing purpose to stick with the same thing over and over. Life is about defining yourself in many ways, to always want more out of life and what you can offer to the world.

I am a nature dweller, spending my days outdoors taking photos of all the little naturey moments that go unseen by most everyone that passes by. 

There’s always pretty moments we’re missing and yet discovering at the same time, so just appreciate what you capture and how it unfolded to become that very moment.

I have a variety of color styles as I am always exploring the endless possibilities; but generally my style is airy, hazy, colorful, and moody. My colors are ideal for any photos really; it's just whether or not you want to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. I am all about changing the mood of a photo, by taking my colors to the next level. Although I believe in editing being fast and instant, I sometimes believe that the time and effort to create a beautiful color recipe is just as important. 

I had originally started out on deviantArt, and had been creating actions and tutorials for several years now, but have recently minimized and rebranded myself because I no longer wish to associate with the Night Fate name, and I find it easier to manage one website; having both my shop and photography blog as one thing. 

Nobody will feel alone in my world, whether you are an observer or a participant of this world, you have every right to be happy and grateful and to want happiness and more, but it should come at the cost of love and gratitude and believing in yourself from within.

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